Shared Universe Page

11/9/16 Rather than put a lot of speculative unbaked ideas on the submission page, I thought I would put up another page that shares some of those with potential contributors.

There is always the chance that this publication will not get enough submissions to even fill a novella by February 1st. So I have thought about what would happen at that point.  If there is a small number of contributors, say four or five, perhaps (in order to make page count and have a cooler book) I could persuade those contributors to do the following:

Each of us contributors nominates one of our superheroes, (not villains) or creates one, to form a supergroup. We lay out as much information about our superhero as possible. Then with the unanimous consent of all of the members, we each write ANOTHER 3K to 5K story where the supergroup takes on the organization of supervillains.

Another idea I have is to offer a contributor to write an opening story telling how the meeting of baddies came about. If you would like to take a crack at that, you will get another share of the royalties.

If it turns out that there are a lot of submissions that are accepted, maybe it would be good to have the readers vote on their favorite villain. That could be a good way to promote the book. After the vote is completed on the deadline and the winner announced, a second edition of the book could be released with the winner in the book.

If you have any ideas you would like to share, fill out the form on the Contact page.